The Charity & Commerce Sector

The sector are currently working on a few different projects this year and these will continue into next semester. 

  • Disclosure: Create a database of employers that hire with convictions within the Aberdeen area. Create a leaflet that can be given to people with convictions who are seeking employment. 
  • The New Business Initiative: Brand new this year! Working directly with members of the board and several law firms.  Giving information to new business start ups and helping to legally ‘create’ the business as ‘trainee solicitors’. We are working closely with Stronachs on this project as well as other organisations within Aberdeen. 
  • Create a Blog: Writing articles about changes in the law relevant to charities and commerce. Helping to make it accessible to students and the community. From this we have started researching vlogging and doing profiles on charities around Aberdeen. 

Head & Depute

 Head of Sector:  Jonathan

Head of Sector: Jonathan