The Housing Sector

The Housing Sector is one of the four original sectors of The Aberdeen Project. It tends to get the most case work due to the wide breadth of topics 'housing' covers.

What did they get up to last year?

Recently, the focus of the Sector has been on their 'housing information' evenings. They ran their first event earlier this year at Hillhead, in partnership with AUSA. It was a successful night with many students showing up asking questions about things to do and look out for when buying and renting their first student flat. The Sector created a flyer and a ‘what to do list’, which was well received.

The Sector also provided training to the Representation team on the recent Housing Act which had brought about some changes. Housing then decided to provide this training at one of ALP’s monthly lectures. 

Plans for this year

This year, the Housing Sector want to continue working on their information evenings with a view to have them running in early 2016. They will also be expanding this by creating a fresher’s pack containing useful hints and tips about what to do when looking for their first flat. This will hopefully circulate in their welcome pack on arriving to University in September. 

The Sector are hoping to create more links with the local community and write blogs on recent housing developments. They are currently writing an article on the new migrant housing bill. 

Head & Depute


Abby Housego
Head of the Housing Sector
Abby joined ALP in 2013 & is in fourth year.


Samuel Williams
Depute of the Housing Sector
Sam joined ALP in 2014 & is in third year.