Senior Management 



Sophie is in the final year of the LLB. She is the Student Director of the Project, and so has overall responsibility for all decision making. She liaises with the board and other relevant stakeholders when necessary and is the key public face of the Project. 

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Lauren is in third year.  She is one of the two Deputy Student Directors. Her key remit is Projects and Sectors. She collaborates on this together with Jonathan, Director of Projects and Sectors. Any issues within Projects/Sectors should be directed to either Lauren or Jonathan. 


Martyna is in the second year of her LLB. She is one of the two Deputy Student Directors with a responsibility for Representation. She works with the Directors of Representation, to highlight the work they are doing, and aid them in expanding their practice. 

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Jonathan is in second year. He is the Director of Projects and Sectors. He ensures a general oversight of all Project and Sectors, and pass this information onto Sophie. Any suggestions/issues from Projects/Sectors can be passed to either Jonathan or Lauren. 

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karolina and matthew 

Karolina and Matthew are both in fourth year and are the joint Directors of Representation. They lead the client case work that ALP carries out, and have oversight of that section of the Project. They are assisted by Martyna who supports them where necessary to allow them to focus on client work, and helping the North East community.  




Maya is a final year student. She is the Head of Managament. This role has responsibilities for the administrative work of ALP, including room bookings organisation of the offices, and supporting the Student Director in other areas where necessary. 



Laila is a third year student, and is the Company Treasurer. She is responsible for managing all of the Law Projects finances, and the approval of any expenditure. The expenses policy for the Project can be found from the members home page navigation. 



Alexander is in third year, and is the Head of Training and Admissions for the project. This responsibility has followed the recent combining of the two roles of Head of Training, and Head of Admissions. Alexander can help to facilitate any events being run by the Project, as well as organising external training where appropriate. He is also responsible for the support and completion of PVG disclosure forms. 



Randy is the Head of Events for the Project, and a final year student. He has responsibility both for organising social events throughout the year, such as the Christmas Dinner, but also for the annual lecture. The annual lecture is a significant event, and provides an opportunity to showcase the work of the project over the previous year, and engage with relevant stakeholders in the local community and beyond. 



Becca is in fourth year, and is the Head of Communications for the Project. She is responsible for maintenance on the website, and the publishing of blogs there. She also controls the Law Project's Twitter account, with it being used as a way to reach a wider audience to highlight the work which is carried out by the Project. 

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harry and cameron

Harry and Cameron are fourth year students, they work with Jonathan and Lauren to oversee the work of the Projects and support them where necessary, providing hands on input and suggestions for future work. 

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Amy is in the final year of the accelerated law degree, and is the longest continuing member of the Aberdeen Law Project. She engages with the work of the Sectors, co-coordinating with Jonathan and Lauren, and is available for help where required, and to support the generation of new intiatives.