The Charity & Commerce Sector

The sector are currently working on a few different projects this year and these will continue into next semester. 

  • Disclosure: Create a database of employers that hire with convictions within the Aberdeen area. Create a leaflet that can be given to people with convictions who are seeking employment. 
  • The New Business Initiative: Brand new this year! Working directly with members of the board and several law firms.  Giving information to new business start ups and helping to legally ‘create’ the business as ‘trainee solicitors’. We are working closely with Stronachs on this project as well as other organisations within Aberdeen. 
  • Create a Blog: Writing articles about changes in the law relevant to charities and commerce. Helping to make it accessible to students and the community. From this we have started researching vlogging and doing profiles on charities around Aberdeen. 

Head & Depute

Head of Sector:  Jonathan

Head of Sector: Jonathan

The Criminal Sector

Criminal sector is a sector which has a big focus on community outreach.

Over the years we have created many projects such as Amber Light Project and Procurator Fiscal Note-taking. We also do research into topical issues such as the legalisation of sex workers and fraud, which we are publishing in the university newspaper.

This year we are focusing on the possible abolition of the not proven verdict, which we are hoping to organise into a lecture, and we are currently researching the risks and law relating to vaping.

If you have an interest in current affairs in the world of criminal law, then this is the sector for you.

Head & Depute

Head of Sector:  Marsaili

Head of Sector: Marsaili

Depute of Sector:  Beth

Depute of Sector: Beth

The Employment Sector 

We are working on several new initiatives, including an agony aunt project based on the website and Facebook page, employment law information videos detailing basic aspects of the law, a blog post about zero hour contracts and we are also establishing contacts with the Aberdeen Foyer - a charity which helps people with employment matters. 

We have got planned for our new sector a mock employment tribunal after which they will become involved with the general duties of the sector.

We are always open to new ideas and projects.

We’ve also got some fun socials planned for the rest of the year!

Head and Depute

Head of Sector:  Iona

Head of Sector: Iona

The Housing Sector

The Housing Sector is one of the most practical sectors in the Law Project.

In the past we have worked on projects such as organising housing information evenings for first years, collaborating with local charities and other sectors in the Law Project, and working with AUSA to produce information about illegal letting fees.

This year we are hoping to continue our work with AUSA, and to research and produce a series of blog posts about current issues in housing law.

We are looking forward to welcoming new members and new ideas to the sector.

Head & Depute

Head of Sector:  Kathryn

Head of Sector: Kathryn


We have a number of ongoing cases mostly involving housing and employment disputes. We have recently assisted clients regarding title deeds and repairs, joint tenancy. We have also advised on upholding a company strike off objection at the Companies House and the complaints procedure of a housing regulator.

This year, we are planning on expanding our clinics within and outside the Aberdeenshire area. We are also interested in broadening our areas of expertise.


Head and Depute

Joint Heads:  Karolina and Matthew

Joint Heads: Karolina and Matthew