We are a group of law students with a passion for access to higher education, particularly the study of law. We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to study law, whatever their background.

Our work is aimed at engaging with prospective law students and takes many different forms. Some of what we do includes mentoring, workshops, talks, and offering a “day in the life of a law student” experience.

Our latest project is a mini documentary that will look at lawyers who have come from non-traditional backgrounds and how they got where they are today.

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Head of Project:  Sarrah

Head of Project: Sarrah

Amber Light Project 

Amber Light is a fairly new project and we are looking to grow! We work with the charity RAS (rape and abuse support Aberdeen) within their support groups providing knowledge on procedures and processes that may be useful to the woman at the groups! We do not advise them in their individual cases but aim to give them a better legal knowledge of what to expect if they choose to take their cases forward! 

We would also like to take the project back to its roots in consent, which is what the project was originally started for when it was within the criminal sector. We would like to start a project based around consent and sexual assault. Perhaps leading to articles and student advice!

We are also looking to start fundraising for RAS.

As I said we want to grow and expand and that means I am happy for you come with any ideas you have which we can take for as a project.

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Head of Project:  Sarah

Head of Project: Sarah

Co-Depute of Project:  Sam  

Co-Depute of Project: Sam 

Co-Depute of Project:  Millie

Co-Depute of Project: Millie

Digital Crime Awareness Project 

DCAP is a new project created this year. Our aim is to go into school to raise awareness of issues such as revenge porn, the possession of underage images and trolling.

This would be presented in the form of interactive workshops with classes. We also aim to go into community centres around Aberdeen to talk to parents about the same issues.

This is a great opportunity for people who feel passionate about this topic and who like to teach.

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Head of Project:  Marsaili

Head of Project: Marsaili

Depute of Project:  Amos

Depute of Project: Amos

Domestic Abuse Project 

This year we changed from Grampian Women’s Aid to the Domestic Abuse Project. This means we can now take male members into the group and have an equal focus between male domestic abuse and female domestic abuse.

We’re currently working on an article on corroboration and revenge porn. We’re also working on a handout for Grampian Women’s Aid on the right of the child to have their voices heard in custody decisions.

We receive talks from Police Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid and Abused Men in Scotland on the work that they do.

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Head of Project:  Ema

Head of Project: Ema

Procurator Fiscal Note-Taking Project

The project was re-established at the start of academic year 2016/17. 

So far we have note-taken on two cases, with 40 student participants, and 240 volunteer hours given.  

In the project you get the opportunity to sit by the Fiscal as they try the case, and take notes for them as they question witnesses.  This makes it a really unique opportunity to be right at the heart of the criminal process, with a lot of trust given to us by the court.   

Names will be gathered at a later date of interested ALP members, following this there will be two compulsory training sessions. Depending on availability you will then be given a day in court.  

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Head of Project:  Becca

Head of Project: Becca

Prisons Project

As of this academic year, the Prisons Project had to rearrange terms with HMP Grampian over the way in which prison visits were conducted.

This led to a brief co-operation with the Community Learning and Development initiative from Aberdeenshire Council. This required the first initial weeks of Casus to organise. However, after much discussion, we were then informed that the initiative had fallen through and the Project would now have full control of prison visits on a monthly basis.

We attended our first class on the 18th October and have two more scheduled for the month of November. We aim to keep our sessions focused on solely the budgeting and employability classes as this is what the inmates seem to really respond to. We are however exploring other options for a potential third class to add.

As of now, the project are focusing on polishing up the booklets we present in the classes as well as debating whether to introduce a powerpoint presentation or involve it in someway with the inmates. In addition, we are also contacting several organisations in attempting to partner up with them in respect of their work in hiring ex-offenders.

Due to the uncertainty at the beginning of the year, and also in regard to the number of future visits we will have, unfortunately we will not be able to take on any more additional students to the Project this year. However, this is of course subject to change.

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Head of Project:  Beth

Head of Project: Beth

Depute of Project:  Katrina

Depute of Project: Katrina

Schools Project

As a Project, our activities revolve around holding mock trial events for secondary school
students to expose them to the workings of a trial, as well as we host various informative


Secondary School mock trial
o The pupils are allocated into various roles (eg. advocates, witness) and
provided guidance through workshops and presentations

Workshop-So you want to be a Lawyer?’
o Law degrees
o Legal routes
o Student insight
o Tips on how to study

Explore the Law with Burness Paull event
o Legal Areas
o Difference between English and Scots Law
o Career progression & other legal routes
o Tour around Burness Paull and presentation from junior associates

Primary School mock trial
o Harry Potter-based mock trial
o Fun games and activities
o Informative discussion to familiarise pupils with criminal procedure

’Insight in a Student Life’ Inverness
o Presentation on what studying Law is really like
o Involvement in societies and social events
o Discussion on how to make studying easier and how to motivate yourself

Head and Depute

Head of Project:  Milda

Head of Project: Milda

Deputy of Project:  Iris  a

Deputy of Project: Irisa