Student Management Team

Student Director - Lauren Frame

Deputy Student Directors - Martyna Proczek & Jonathan Goodyear

Director of Sectors - Amy Pearson

Student Committee

Company Treasurer - Laila Kennedy

Administration Lead - Ellie Carmichael

Communications Lead - Lewis Walker

Admissions and Training Lead - Alexander Johnson

Events Lead - Nina Robertson

Our Past Student Directors

The Student Director has responsibility for all day-to-day operations of The Aberdeen Law Project. As well as Chairing the Student Management Team and overseeing clinic operations, the Student Director sits on the Advisory Committee and reports to the Board of Directors.

Each of our past Student Directors have gone above and beyond in their commitment and dedication to The Aberdeen Law Project. Without their efforts, we would not be where we are today.

2009-2011: Ryan Whelan

2011-2013: Jodie Chandler

2013-2014: Anna Robertson

2014-2015: Caitlin Hurst

2015-2016: Lindsay McCormick

2016-2017: Louise Sloan

2017-2018: Sophie Mills