The Aberdeen Law Project Advocacy Training

The Aberdeen Law Project was delighted to welcome Dr David Parratt and his colleague Dr Michael Smith to The University of Aberdeen where training was provided to a small group of ALP members on the topic of 'Presentation and Advocacy Skills'. 

Dr David Parratt is on ALP's Advisory Committee

Dr David Parratt is on ALP's Advisory Committee

Dr Parratt, who is a member of ALP's Advisory Committee, was generous to offer his time and invaluable expertise on how one should act in court. Everything from the planning of submissions to the gestures that can be used to reiterate the most crucial points of a legal argument were covered. Dr Parratt and Dr Smith provided first hand experience for all the students and encouraged them through role-play exercises. 

The training was of particular relevance to member of the Representation team who may and often present their client's case in the courtroom.

Iona Anderson, a member of Representation, said,

"Dr Parratt provided an insightful session, which boosted my confidence. It definitely aided our ability and knowledge  of how exactly to deliver persuasive legal argument on behalf of our clients."

We extend our thanks once again to both Dr Parratt and Dr Smith for their time and enthusiastic interest in The Project.