New Patron for The Aberdeen Law Project

Dame Hazel Genn, Dean of Laws at University college London and one of the foremost authorities on civil justices, joins Lord Nicol Stephen and Mr Matrin Gilbert, CEO of Aberdeen Asset Management Plc, as a Patron of The Aberdeen Law Project.

Dame Hazel Genn

Dame Hazel Genn

The appointment follows Dame Hazel's visit to the clinic whilst receiving an Honorary degree from The University of Aberdeen in November. During her visit to the Granite City, Dame Hazel had been keen to learn about the student founded project and spent the afternoon with our student members, learning about The Project's structure, initiatives and work to date.

Jodie Chandler, Student Director of The Project, said,

"The students were honoured to have had the chance to meet Dame Hazel and we are delighted that she had chosen to accept an invitation to become Patron of The Project.

"On her visit to The Project, Dame Hazel provided our students with her views on the role that pro bono can play in society and spent time learning about how we were founded, the services we provide and the way in which we operate."

Ryan Whelan, Founder of ALP and now a member of its Advisory Committee, added,

"The Aberdeen Law Project has, since its inception, been very fortunate to have the support and counsel of a most prestigious management board. The appointment of Dame Hazel as a Patron, with her vast international experience of civil justice, will serve to enhance this yet further.

"This development, coming at the turn of the year, seems a fitting way in which to start 2012, a year in which I know the student body, led by Jodie Chandler, is determined to build upon The Project's successes to date."

Dame Hazel, speaking about her day with ALP students, said,

"I am grateful for the invitiation to become a Patron of The Project. It was great to meet the students and hear about the work involved with The Project. I was very impressed and want to be supportive and thus accepted the role as Patron of The Aberdeen Law Project."

The above story was carried in the Scottish Legal News on Wednesday 18th January 2012.