Peter Morris Representation Statement

Lair Ownership Issued Discussed

Peter Morris

Peter Morris

The Head of Legal and Governance at Aberdeenshire Council, Karen Wiles, has today met with Ryan Whelan and Malcolm Combe from The Aberdeen Law Project to discuss the legal issues surrounding the ownership of the lair of Claire Webster.

Malcolm Webster was convicted of his wife's murder in May 2011 and since then the council has been asked to take action to remove Malcolm Webster as the lairholder. 

Today's meeting was an opportunity for The Aberdeen Law Project, which operates within the School of Law at The University of Aberdeen, to put forward suggestions of how the council could challenge the contract of lair ownership.

Karen Wiles, Head of Legal and Governance at Aberdeenshire Council said,

"We are working together to look at all of the legal solution to resolve this situation. We are keen to relieve the anxieties of Claire's family and appreciate the public repugnance felt at the potential situation whereby a murder victim could share the same lair as her murderer.

"We all want the same conclusion. Claire's family want to ensure that her murderer has no claims on the lair and to change the headstone to her maiden name.

"We need to find a way to achieve this within the law and we will do all in our power to find a resolution."

Ryan Whelan, Founder and Student Director of The Aberdeen Law Project, said,

"We are very encouraged by the stance taken by the Council and will continue to do everything we can to assist them in achieving what is a shared objective. I hope that together we can identify the legal means by which to bring closure to the Morris family."

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