Fresher secures client’s addition to the SSSC Register

The Aberdeen Law Project is pleased to report that our Representation team‘s Natalia Rucka has successfully secured a worker’s addition to the SSSC Register.

Natalia Rucka, a law student in her first year, represented the Project’s client.  On the result, Natalia said: “I’m thrilled with the result of this case. It’s securing outcomes like these that made me want to join the Aberdeen Law Project. I’m delighted for our client and so pleased that I could make a difference.”

Our client said: “I have tried to express my gratitude several times, but to compact nine years of being without support is hard to condense. With the support of the Aberdeen Law Project, I could face this process with confidence. The Aberdeen Law Project is amazing - helping poor people to have their voice heard.”

Martyna Proczek, Student Director, said: “One of the Project’s founding principles is that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough - Natalia is the perfect example of why we have that policy in place. She is in her first year of law school but has already won a case – we’re very proud of her and delighted to have helped this client.”