Advocacy Skills Training with Dr David Parratt

Dr Parratt and the Representation Team

Dr Parratt and the Representation Team

This month, The Aberdeen Law Project welcomed Dr David Parratt, Advocate and Barrister, to provide training on Advocacy and Presentation skills.

Dr Parratt, who is a member of The Project’s Advisory Committee, commented that,

The work that The Aberdeen Law Project is doing serves an important purpose in representing litigants in the civil justice system and I have been impressed to hear about the appearances that students are undertaking at Small Claims and Summary Cause level in the Sheriff Court.

“Presentational and Advocacy skills are an important part of that and I was very pleased to be able to assist the students with some training and coaching during the workshop. I hope it is of some benefit in practice.”

Fraser Stewart, Head of Representation, said, 

“The training provided by Dr Parratt will prove essential as The Project continues to grow in the number of cases we advise upon. Training is critical to the development of the service we provide and we are always grateful to those who can offer us assistance in the form of training.”