New Student Intake

Building spaghetti towers

Building spaghetti towers

“Fun, informative, exciting” -  the words of one of this year’s new members in feedback given about the training process so far.

We are currently half way through the initial training. Those 3 words have been reflected across the board by all of the new members whose unrelenting enthusiasm and building anticipation for getting involved with sector work is inspirational to the existing student members. To see such positivity among the new members assures the Management Team that the right choices were made in applications this year as, unfortunately, for the first time ever The Aberdeen Law Project has had to turn away potential candidates.

Spaghetti and marshmallows were used liberally in last week’s team building exercise, which achieved its goal in bringing more fun to the training process while also strengthening the members' abilities to communicate and work as a team.

One new member wrote in feedback,

We worked together. We built together. We failed together.”

This highlights that, although some spaghetti towers were weaker than others, the groups were all equally strong in team-spirit.

With the initial training hastily coming to an end, our new intake are “…looking forward to what is to come”.