That’s TV cover ALP Potter-themed mock trials

Raoul Rosca and Rebecca McAvoy, both part of organising and running our Potter-themed mock trials initiative, were interviewed by That’s TV Scotland North on the success of the programme throughout Aberdeen’s primary schools.

In the interview, Raoul and Rebecca highlighted the need to engage with the next generation of potential students and how doing so can broaden access to higher education, especially the study of law.

We would like to thank them, and the rest of our members involved in the project, for all their hard work. The team have reached more than 300 pupils so far this year and are set to reach many more.  

Raoul, now our new Sector Coordinator, said: “A big thank you to That’s TV for covering our Potter-themed mock trial initiative - getting the word out is important! Being able to give the younger generation an experience with the law in a fun and interactive way is a very valuable privilege for us, as we aim to increase access to the legal profession. We are happy that the project reached 300 pupils in Aberdeen, and we are really looking forward to expanding to Inverness.”

You can watch the interview here: